VHI Kilkenny


VHI Kilkenny

The brief was to reorganise existing offices and call centre, create a new entrance to the building and extend the call centre into an adjacent warehouse. New facilities include an expansive canteen area to accommodate up to 1000 people.

The insertion of new large external windows, landscaped courtyard and roof lights is designed to alter the existing warehouse both externally and internally and provide a vibrant, bright and naturally lit workplace. Bounding the south side of the courtyard the new canteen will create a light filled, tall, open and informal space for high pressured call centre staff. State of the art cooking facilities, more efficient service and flexible seating arrangements will be provided in the new canteen.

The design integrates the existing and proposed offices/call centre linking them with a new central circulation ‘street’ creating an open, flowing environment. These spaces and routes can be easily signed, understood, and supervised. This scheme is part of a larger campus with future phases. There are five phases planned in total for this project with these works comprising the first two phases.

The existing office refurbishment works will be carried out over 5 phases which will include a new fit-out to maximize space and improve departmental adjacencies.