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MDO’s Core BIM Principles, Part 2

The Crucial Role of BIM Documentation in MDO’s Project Initiation

Robust BIM documentation is crucial for ensuring successful project delivery. To achieve this objective, MDO has developed a series of documents assigned to various parties throughout the project process. To achieve a coordinated model and generate accurate drawing sets, all project parties diligently fulfil their modelling responsibilities which assists in the delivery of a seamless collaboration, design development and efficient decision-making.

MDO's Internal Procedure

MDO is dedicated to maintaining consistently high-quality modelling, documentation, and presentations across all projects. We achieve this through the use of our Internal BIM User Guide, which provides detailed instructions and best practices. Our BIM Protocol establishes collaboration standards among stakeholders, defining roles and expectations. In addition, regular internal BIM Modelling Audits carried out at each project gateway, proactively assess compliance and identify areas for improvement.

Commencement of Projects at MDO

As part of our bid process, as part of the tender requirements, MDO will submit a Pre-Appointment BIM Execution Plan (BEP), providing a blueprint for the execution of the BIM process throughout the project. Following appointment, a customized project BIM Execution Plan (BEP) will be developed for the project, outlining the required documentation standards and delivery timeline to meet the Employer Information Requirements (EIR). The BEP incorporates a Model Responsibility Matrix to ensure clear delineation of BIM responsibilities between the designers and the contractors.

At the project's initiation, the design team actively engaged in BIM Workshops, contributing to the collaborative foundation of the project. Through these workshops, modelling procedures are collectively established, model requirements are defined, file exchange protocols are agreed upon, delivery dates set, and an atmosphere of collaboration cultivated.

Empowering Clients

As the designated BIM Lead Appointed Party, MDO assumes the role of providing comprehensive guidelines and recommendations to clients who may not be fully versed in the intricacies of the BIM process. This proactive approach extends to offering recommendations regarding the formulation of Employer Information Requirements (EIR) and the complexities of BIM Asset Information Management (AIM).

MDO additionally provides clients with guidance on conducting a BIM (Building Information Modelling) Capability Assessment. This involves assisting clients in evaluating their readiness and capacity to effectively implement BIM, a process usually carried out by all parties at various stages of the Design or Construction phases.


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