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We provide a comprehensive Architectural service in the realisation of building projects from inception to completion. We also advise our clients on the realisation of their projects and provide project monitoring and reporting services. we have acted as Executive Architect on many project working with complex design teams and architects to deliver our clients vision.


Our team has in house arbitration and contract law qualifications. We can also advise on dispute avoidance and dispute resolution and expert witness services relating to litigation and arbitration.


At the acquisition or lease of an existing or new building the thorough assessment of its condition, construction, commissioning and statutory consents, opinions on compliance, certification and safety file, leasing and registry maps are required. We have considerable experience in assisting our clients with these assessments.


We have acted as Project Supervisor Design Stage and Project Supervisor Construction Stage on many projects and are staff have qualified under the RIAI Safety in Design Accreditation. We offer assessment and evaluation of contractor performance on H&S on sites and can offer advice guidance on all aspects of health & safety legislation.


We offer inception to completion services on all interiors and work place fit-out projects of any size. We provide building search assistance; due diligence studies; develop occupancy scenarios; consolidations and reorganizations; and optimization strategies; floor plate testing and re-stacking; space planning; interior design/delivery and relocation guidance and transition delivery.


Great places help to make great communities. Master plans shape the physical settings for life. We have considerable expertise in sustainable master planning and urban design at all scales, both in urban and greenfield sites which include business districts, residential and mixed communities, retail centers and science/technology campuses.


We have a proven track record in a collaborative approach to design and construction, managing large teams of design consultants and other architects on complex schemes using our project and design management skills to ensure that the completed buildings are commercially viable, architecturally sound and delivered on time and budget for our Clients.


We are committed to the creation of high quality, efficient and sustainable homes. We believe in place making, creating people friendly neighbourhoods in which people can live and work and raise families. These places are and should be attractive, safe and enjoyable, with a strong sense of identity and place, distinctiveness and character which respects their context and environment.


We provide Assigned Certifier services in accordance with Statutory Instrument No. 9 of 2014 and the Code of Practice for Inspecting and Certifying Buildings and Works (published by the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government). We take a logical approach based upon appropriate professional judgement and risk assessment, recognising that it is not practicable to examine every item of work to which the requirements of the Building Regulations relate. We have developed specific management mechanisms to ensure the correct level of engagement and collaboration can be achieved to ensure proper certification of the project.



We have extensive experience preparing designs for planning and guide our clients from inception through the entire process to lodgement including the appeals process and public forums.


Fire safety design provides a methodology for the design of buildings to protect people, property and the environment from fire which includes risk assessment, egress analysis, ventilation assessments, structural fire protection and compartment requirements. We have extensive experience in preparing comprehensive submissions to the local authority for fire safety certificates.


As of 1st January 2010 Part M of the Building Regulations now requires a disability access certificate for new building works in Ireland. The disability act 2005 retrospectively applies to public and private sector buildings. It is a buildings owner’s legal obligation to ensure compliance with Part M through a DAC. Our team is qualified to deliver this service and meet the requirements of the legislation to create safe access and egress at minimal disruption and cost.

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