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MDO’s Core BIM Principles, Part 1

MDO BIM Methodology

In an era where Building Information Modelling (BIM) plays a critical role in transforming the construction sector, MDO is taking a huge step ahead by seeking ISO 19650 certification. This certification not only demonstrates MDO’s dedication to executing projects with the greatest levels of efficiency, teamwork, and information management but also builds upon a decade of leveraging BIM for effective communication of design concepts within the design team. MDO is embarking on a meticulous journey towards ISO-19650 certification. This involves a comprehensive assessment of our current BIM processes, identifying areas for improvement, and implementing necessary changes to align with the standard's requirements.

MDO has utilized advanced BIM tools in all projects, employing a collaborative and integrated approach to project management. This methodology spans from the initial feasibility assessment to better coordination and ongoing operation and maintenance of completed facilities. MDO's commitment to working closely with all stakeholders ensures that the integrated model fulfils not only BIM requirements but also aligns with the client's sustainable objectives and portfolios.

Ardmore Film Studios, MDO Architects, 2022 :

MDO BIM Workflow

In adherence to MDO's BIM methodology, BIM modelling is initiated during the project kick-off. The primary objective of the office methodology is to improve coordination among all disciplines as the project progresses to subsequent stages. This entails the concurrent enhancement of component details and information in accordance with project requirements. Here's an overview of how BIM methodology can be applied to each of the listed stages in the table below.

Throughout these stages, the key principles of BIM include collaboration, information sharing, and the creation of a centralized, digital repository that evolves with the project. BIM methodology enhances communication, reduces errors, and improves overall project efficiency and performance.


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