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HPI Certificate for Two Three North

We are happy to share that Two Three North is now HPI Certified by Irish Green Building Council.

Meehan Green acted as Home Performance Index (HPI) Assessors on this recently completed contemporary housing development defined by a mixture of private, communal, and public space for Twinlite designed by McCauley Daye O'Connell Architects.

280 apartments have achieved HPI Certification spread over four blocks under the HPIv2 scheme which provides quality, affordable accommodation for up to 900 residents in Clongriffin, Dublin.

Right from the start, the project takes advantage of its location, by redeveloping an existing brownfield in an area with great access to transportation and amenities. The ecological value, surface water management, and development density of the receiving site improve as a direct result of this development.

HPI certification rewards projects that go beyond business as usual in their design and construction approach, and this project certainly does. The design consistently improves upon building regulations and local planning requirements, in issues such as energy use, water consumption, envelope performance, sound insulation, ventilation, or accessibility, to name a few.

Particularly on the energy side, a highly efficient, all-electric system including mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, and exhaust air heat pumps, complements a high performing building fabric with triple glazing, an air leakage under 2m3/m2/hr and thermal bridging adjustment factors <0.8 throughout. Thanks to this, most units achieve a BER of A2.

During construction, the focus shifted to understanding the embodied carbon. Materials with published Environmental Product Declarations were given preference in procurement. A whole-building Life Cycle Assessment was carried out, with a project-wide result of approximately 600 kgCOe/m2 (stages A1-A5).

Smart controls, an accessible home user guide, improved fabric and ventilation resulting in higher indoor air quality all contribute to a better resident experience, maintainability of the systems and reduction in energy consumption.

Other features in the development, including secure bicycle parking, site gym and amenities, provision of 10% electric vehicle chargers, help improve the overall user experience and sustainability values.


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