GCS Residences


Grand Canal Square Residences


A new residential block connected to the luxury five-star Marker Hotel providing a new concept in five-star residential living in Dublin. The block is designed in a common European arrangement with apartments wrapped around a central courtyard.  The block has mixed-use retail and 105 apartments and plays a pivotal role in the Grand Canal Square, Dublin’s most dynamic new urban landscape. 

The façades of the residential block are entirely glazed to allow maximum light penetration into the large apartments, all of which are dual aspect facing either onto the street or into the courtyard reflecting pool. Each apartment has unique full-height windows which have concertina doors folding completely back to open living rooms to the outside and the façade is further enlivened though the use of sliding glass screens which are fritted to provide privacy and vibrancy to the building.   The screens can be moved along the length of each apartment, and together with the folding glass full-height windows create a dynamic, ever-changing façade as the residents interact with their building daily.