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By breathing new life into Scots Church and its adjacent church hall, MDO allowed VHI Healthcare to expand their operations while retaining the sense of place they had developed through their long history on Abbey Street.

The scheme is a celebration of contrasts: old and new, solid and transparent, heaviness and lightness. The outside and inside are interwoven, as is a blend of structures, sometimes integrated, sometimes purely expressed. The result is a dynamic though respectful collage, blended and reflected through glazed, polished, and stainless surfaces.

Abbey Street


VHI Healthcare


100,000 sq ft



”It is not very often that an opportunity arises to be part of something which is appreciated by
so many people and is the subject of so much ongoing positive feedback.

This has certainly been the case with our new office, your architecture has stimulated many interesting conversations, made our staff feel special and has engaged our customers and our broader community
in a manner that we could only have wished for.”

HR Director, VHI Healthcare


The design, in its unique response to context and history, has generated a dramatic building form and dynamic internal spaces and places.

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