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Irish National Winner of Green Cities campaign

It has been an honour for all of us in MDO to see Opus Building awarded by More Green Cities Ireland. The building has received European award of recognition for being named Irish National Winner of Green Cities Ieland 2022 campaign.

We believe that the Green Cities Awards is a great platform that recognises and encourages the greening of public spaces and revolves around themes like health, climate, the economy, biodiversity and social cohesion which we as a practice find significant and address through our projects.

The public has become more aware of the benefits of providing space for nature in projects for a long time as a result of the climate crisis and, more recently, as we spent more times in our homes than normal during Covid. We spend a lot of time considering the ways in which people and nature co-exist in our designs and we feel that More Green Cities campaign emphasises architects efforts in providing such spaces, big & small, that have a hugely positive impact on our health, well-being and enjoyment of our built environment.

In our experience, it is clear that carefully considered, meaningful green spaces at a variety of scales makes for really successful buildings and benefits the creation of new communities. These spaces need not be particularly large; a full understanding of the constraints and challenges particular to the development and a clever design response can lead to really rich and project specific solutions – in fact, designing in elements at differing scales can lead to a really rich outcome. Incorporating these kinds of design approaches can enhance the value of the end product in addition to improving the experience of them.


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