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Extension to the historic Mercantile Marine Office building granted planning permission

MDO have been granted planning permission for a unique and innovative 4 storey extension to the historic Mercantile Marine Office building on Eden Quay. This carefully considered adaption and re-use primes the building for its next 200 years of faithful service.

MDO’s approach reflects a shift in the way architects and developers think about construction, designing for re-use and minimizing the environmental impact and carbon footprint of new developments. The re-purposing of existing buildings, no matter what their type, is fast becoming a key concern for the international community as global warming dramatically affects our environment. The construction industry accounts for a significant portion of materials used, waste generated, and CO2 emissions and it can’t continue at this pace.

At MDO we are committed to seeking new solutions for urban projects, endeavoring to fundamentally shift attitudes as to how we redevelop buildings and sites. As Mark Carney leaves the Bank of England to become the UN Special Envoy for Climate Action and Finance, we believe the issues surrounding climate risk will enter the EU government and financial arena, to become a core part of business and lending, with company boards and institutions making it mandatory for their new buildings and portfolios to be more environmentally aware and sustainable.


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