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MDO Architects Castlepark PRINT Extras -32.jpg

MDO’s proposal for 101 residential apartments at Castle Park, Dalkey creates a high quality, attractive, sustainable neighbourhood which blends public and private amenities.


Embracing modern advancements in off-site construction, the design is composed entirely of components that can be manufactured and assembled off-site, creating a more reliable, sustainable, cost-efficient construction process.

By occupying less than 30% of the site area, the design minimizes the scheme’s impact on the existing woodland.





1.3 Ha


MDO Architects Castlepark PRINT Extras -34.jpg

The building form and footprint adopts a sensitive approach, respecting its woodland surroundings. Occupying the footprint of an existing surface car park, the building weaves through an existing large grove of woodland trees, with green roofs and fluid balcony forms reflecting the rolling natural landscape.

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