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The second element of MDO’s extensive refurbishment of the Carton House Hotel, the estate’s historic Carriage House has been brought to life as a restaurant, bar, and members’ lounge.


Once a service building with a simple robust character and beautifully-proportioned form, the refurbishment strikes a balance between functional needs and a distilling of history. The interior décor has been altered to reflect the centuries-long history of the estate, with deep blues inspired by the main house’s 18th century Chinese Boudoir, and dark forest greens echoing the large mature trees framed by a large window at the end of the space.

Maynooth, Co. Kildare


5,382 sq ft


Belmullet Hospitality


Anchoring the interior is a large square central bar. Interior accents include a green marble top with oak paneling, a Victorian Minton tile floor, large leather bar stools, and solid brass lamps. The surrounding artwork reflects Carton’s more recent history as a prominent golf venue.

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