Manor View 02.jpg

Located approximately 400m west of Dalkey village along Barnhill Road. The site has been a residential garden for Dalkey Manor with extensive existing foliage. 

The new design will create a high quality residential development which will respect the existing surrounding area.

The proposal consists of 29 houses that will make up a mix of 1, 2 and 3 storey dwellings. A terrace of houses on the southern boundary will have 1 - 2 storey houses on the eastern and western edges. This would be followed by 3 storey houses in the centre of the terrace. The majority of houses will have 3 or 4 bedrooms with four 2 bed houses and private open space to the rear.


The mixture of architectural form seen in Dalkey has positively contributed to the character and identity of the proposed design. The village layout seen in Dalkey brings vibrancy and interest to the area which is a result of a variety of height, roof condition, material and colour. The proposed design reflects this playfulness of form with it’s variety of roof types, house types and use of materials.

The proposed design of 29 no. units at Dalkey Manor, Barnhill Road will create a high quality, attractive sustainable neighborhood which respects and integrates into its environment and context of the neighboring Protected Structure and surrounding residential houses.