Maoilin, Ballymoneen


Maoilín, Ballymoneen Rd.

Ballymoneen is a townsland located to the west of Galway City towards the outer western edge of the city , north of Knocknacarra. Maoilín consists primarily of suburban single family house developments.  The housing types are arranged to provide balanced streetscapes, addressing a series of shared landscaped areas.

The layout of the proposed scheme was carefully considered to maximize the orientation of each dwelling to maximize the benefits of the views to the sea, sun light, and access to amenity spaces.  A series of “clusters” of dwellings create a series of landscaped squares, which are passively monitored by the surrounding houses. 

The house types are oriented to maximize sunlight, and amenity.  All houses have large back gardens which are oriented to benefit from south facing east facing morning light and west facing evening light.

The proposed development taken as a whole and as designed will create a high quality, sustainable, and appropriate mixed residential development which includes for a mix of community services and amenities in a design which is carefully considered to respond sensitively to its unique landscape, context and site.

The first and second phases are now complete, with the remaining phase due to be complete in 2017.