Victory Centre

The 1200 seat Victory Centre is located in South Dublin. The centre is sited within a 2.8 hectare parkland setting and has been designed to ensure the careful integration of its large volume into this landscaped context by means of its expansive glazed walls, sleek, curved, low-lying profile and the palette of natural materials proposed including natural stone walls, timber cladding and zinc.

The building comprises approximately 60,000 sq.ft. of interior space including, 1200 seat auditorium, two 100-150 seat spaces, crèche, cafes, bookshop, restaurant, entrance foyer, meeting rooms and support areas such as kitchens, storage, offices etc.

Central to the design is the main auditorium, which is entered from the bright naturally lift foyer. The auditorium has a dramatic vaulted ceiling which encloses the seating to ensure all of the audience feels part of the activity on the stage and encourages engagement and connection at an emotional, aural and visual level. The seating and finishes are luxurious chosen to provide a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.

The foyer is naturally lit with clerestory windows creating a bright and friendly entrance foyer with soft seated areas with a coffee bar and restaurant creating a friendly ambience to relax and converse and allowing visual connection with the external water feature and crafted landscaping.

The lower ground floor has a 150 child crèche, play areas. The auditorium has full television standard lighting and recording facilities with sound booths and full recording and mixing studios in the basement.