Victory Centre

The I200 seat Victory Centre is located in South Dublin. The centre is sited within a 2.8 hectare parkland setting and has been designed to ensure the careful integration of its large volume into this landscaped context by means of its expansive glazed walls, sleek curve low-lying profile and the palette of natural materials including: natural stone walls, timber cladding and zinc. 

The Building supports the needs of the local and wider community by providing church and ancillary facilities including activity and social areas.

The brief included full architectural and interior design services.   At an overall size of 6,000sqm the building is quite expansive and with 50% of the space subterranean, served by light wells and landscape courtyards.  The accommodation includes: conference auditorium, secondary halls and auditoria, crèche, offices, reception, bookshop, kitchens and seating areas for 1200 people.

The auditorium has a dynamic interior with a dramatic arched ceiling enveloping the audience to generate a sense of unity.