RCSI Sara Centre

The RCSI Student Wellbeing and Engagement Office Project is a 120sqm office refurbishment project located in 123 St. Stephen’s Green, RCSI’s main educational building in Dublin City Centre. The project entailed the relocation of staff from a suite of existing 1970’s offices, the demolition and removal of the existing offices and fit-out of the space to deliver the specific requirements of our client, the RCSI SARA (Student & Regulatory Affairs) Dept. 

The brief was to deliver a 9 person open plan office, adjacent private meeting rooms and a reconfiguration of the existing SARA reception area. The project team also wanted to make better use of the ample landing area in front of the proposed office, however this was not implicit in the original brief.   
We believe the end result, which was delivered in a very challenging timeframe of 5 weeks is a very true reflection of the vision of our client (SARA) and is testament to our continued investment in the wellbeing of our students studying at RCSI.